Tissues We Can Collect For You

Tissue Bank2By utilizing our current tissue collection structure for our bank, we can tailor collections for the specific needs of your unique research.  After submission of a brief application, there will be follow up contact by the CCOGC to refine your request.  We will assess the availability within our network; prepare Standard Operating Procedures and a budget.  After your approval and a contract process, tissue collection will begin specifically designed for your research.

Standard operating procedures for tissue/sample collection have been established to maximize consistency. Informed owner consent and IACUC approval has been obtained prior to collection and samples are de-identified at the collecting site. The biospecimen repository has SOPs in place for the following sample types: tumor tissue, normal tissues, serum, plasma, peripheral blood mononuclear cell preparations, genomic DNA, RNA and urine samples. The repository follows many aspects of the organization and structure of the proposed National Biospecimen Network Blueprint1. A sample shipping and collection database (Tissue Tracker) is used for real time connection between CCOGC collection sites and the central physical bank housed in Frederick, MD. Patient clinical information is contemporarily collected and logged as part of the biorepository effort. Collection protocols and SOPs can be modified to the specification of your research.

Please contact us by email at for information about how to submit an application.


Photo courtesy Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research