Canine Comparative Oncology and Genomics Consortium and the Pfizer-CCOGC Biospecimen Repository Announces the ACCELERATED DISTRIBUTION of Biospecimen Samples

The Pfizer-CCOGC Biospecimen Repository has been open for release since September 2013. As part of its strategic effort to accelerate discovery, the Pfizer-CCOGC Biospecimen Repository has modified the process of biospecimen sample release and distribution. Most applications will no longer require scientific review or project disclosure. CCOCG President, Dr. Jaime Modiano said, “our experience to date indicates that investigators soliciting samples are conducting highly meritorious projects, and the results generated from these samples have led to important publications which have had significant, positive impact in the fields of cancer and genomics. To continue and expand these trends, we have streamlined the application process to make our high quality biospecimens more accessible and to make their release expeditious.”

Quality control and assessment indicates that diagnostic accuracy for samples in the Pfizer-CCOGC Biospecimen Repository is exceptional, supporting high quality downstream applications for pathologic, genomic, and other analyses. The Pfizer-CCOGC Biospecimen Repository houses over 60,000 samples across seven spontaneously arising cancer histologies: osteosarcoma, lymphoma, melanoma, pulmonary tumors, mast cell tumor, soft tissue sarcomas and hemangiosarcoma. Samples available from each patient include: tumor and normal tissues, frozen serum, plasma, urine, and whole blood.

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